Experience in the moving business since 1995, Gobac management knows the right accommodations every mover needs.

We work with many commercial and residential movers across Montreal and its surrounding areas. we carry moving equipment  accessories and we will do our best to fulfill every order.


50 x more durable than a corrugated box and easier to transport, perfect for office files.

With attached lid

Dimensions: 27X17X12


For easy moving of our plastic bins, office furniture and file cabinets.

Dimensions: 18X30, capacity of 1200 lbs

Partition Dolly

Steel panel cart with 2 uprights and a carpeted wood base and heavy duty 6” wheels.

Dimensions: 26″ X 30″ X 35″ with a 2,000 lb. capacity

Computer Cart

A safer way to move and transport computer screens, computers and electronics.

Dimensions: 48X24X60

Commercial Bins

For hardware and all other material such as: stackable chairs, office chairs, small to medium size printers, picture frames and everything else that does not fit in the regular size bin
From wood on wheels.

Dimensions: 48X24X35


Perfect to identify the bins and easily removable, Size: 4”X3”

Quilted Computer Screen Covers

Perfect to identify the bins and easily removable, Size: 4”X3”

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